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The Next Billion Fellowship

A search for stories. Stories that inspire us to focus on the important things, that compel us to find balance and fairness in the way we go about solving our problems, and that encourage us to push deeper into the mysteries of human cooperation.

Fellows receive support from the Foundation to complete a small quest inside a big narrative. In return, fellows are asked to share their story with the extended web3 community, or with the world-at-large.

About the program

Devcon SEA Scholars

Devcon is a conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers. It's the largest single gathering of Ethereum's global community, and it always happens in a new city. The scholars program aims to break down at least some barriers-to-entry for people taking their first steps into the infinite garden.

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Who Are The Next Billion?

In Internet lore, 'the next billion' is often told as a grand narrative about shifting perspectives and challenged assumptions. As a meme, it lets us question the form and function of technologies that reach the scale of “world-wide” use.

Web3 does not yet have a first billion users, but shifting perspectives and challenging assumptions is an evergreen endeavor. There are about eight billion human people at the moment, and Ethereum is supposed to treat every-one fairly, to the extent that it’s possible to treat people fairly when capabilities and needs are so different in this world.

Someone of 'the next billion' lives in a world filled with games, too often played for life-and-death outcomes. It's a messy, complicated place some think might need saving. But within any world, with the right tools at hand, people will solve their own problems; they will create their own opportunities; they will imagine their own future.

The future is a frontier. To learn what (and who) comes next, we need only to look at the maps, listen to the stories, and inspect the artifacts made by people who problem-solve, who build, who imagine — not to save a world, but to build new (and improved) ones.

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Our blog updates

Meet Cohort 4 of the Next Billion Fellows!

June 24, 2024

As a global public resource, technology must remain open, accessible, and dedicated to promoting the greater good. The Next Billion Fellowship Program is a testament to this vision, seeking to capture stories of communities whose lives are changing for the better. Today, we are proud to introduce seven individuals with...

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Devconnect Scholars Program - Ethereum Stories from Istanbul and Beyond

February 29, 2024

Ethereum is growing, and diversity of human participation creates resilience throughout the ecosystem. The Devconnect Scholars Program is one small effort that aims to create resilience through community diversity. Better representation across human geography and demographics leads to diverse experiences and new perspectives that help the Ethereum protocol serve the...

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Application Open for Next Billion Fellowship Cohort 4

November 28, 2023

Decades from now, there will be many stories to tell about the early days of Ethereum. We will remenisce about how a peculiar and powerful technology began to change the landscape of trust on the internet. Some will remember being skeptical, while others may claim to have known all along...

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Beyond Borders - Unveiling Potential of Blockchain in a Crisis

November 15, 2023

Crisis is a cruel teacher. It can draw us together in our shared fragility, but paradoxically it can also distance us from our shared humanity. In times of great crisis, the institutions and structures of society that are supposed to protect and support us may become twisted, corrupted, or rendered...

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