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Devcon SEA Scholars

The Ethereum conference for developers, thinkers, and makers. November 9-17th in Bangkok, Thailand.

Apply by July 7th

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Devcon(nect) Scholars Program

Devcon and Devconnect are events that act as centers of gravity in the Ethereum ecosystem. They are global gatherings that create space and time for community. Places and moments to share, learn, discuss, meet, explore, and live in.

Physical events are always somewhere in a new city, country, or region. That means no matter where a Devcon(nect) is held it will always be difficult for folks living elsewhere.

Sometimes human flourishing happens just by showing up. As organizers of Devcon and Devconnect, we can at least create that opportunity for a small group each year. The devcon(nect) scholars program supports travel, room & board, a ticket to devcon, and special programming.

For Artificers

All scholars are responsible for creating a learning artifact: a little something that captures the impact attending Devcon or Devconnect had. Artifacts are usually created with words, images, and code in some combination. It could be a lesson learned, a new project, or just reflections -- the value of the artifact is in the act of creating it and sharing with others.

Coming Soon: Artifacts Archive

Previous Editions

Devconnect 2023

Devconnect 2023

Istanbul, Turkey

The vibrant metropolis of Istanbul hosted Devconnect from November 13-19. Over 3500 Ethereum enthusiasts gathered at the Devconnect Cowork in the Istanbul Congress Center, while many more attended independent events throughout Istanbul.

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Devcon 2022

Devcon 2022

Bogotá, Colombia

After a three-year-long pause, we emerged from the pandemic stronger than before and reunited in Bogotá for the largest and some would say, “best Devcon yet.”

Devconnect 2022

Devconnect 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For eight days, the city of Amsterdam was filled with bicycles bearing the Devconnect flag, as the Ethereum community came together to coordinate a variety of independent events and workshops.

Frequent asked questions

Who can apply for a scholarship?

Everyone may apply for a partial or full scholarship to Devcon (or Devconnect). While all applications are welcome, scholarships are awarded based on a variety of considerations, especially credible and earnest need; those planning to attend devcon(nect) with or without a scholarship need not apply

What kinds of scholarships are offered?

There are three main types of support: Access, Transport, and Room/board

Access scholarships are a full ticket to the devcon main event, and participating side-events

Transport scholarships are for round-trip air travel to Bangkok, Thailand

Room/board scholarships cover accommodation, meals, and (limited) expenses during the days of the main devcon event.